Leisure and Pavilion Committee

The Leisure Committee looks at the leisure and entertainment facilities within Long Stratton. They review the existing facilities, they ensure they are fit for purpose and look at how the facilities can be enhanced. A full report from the Head Groundsman is also provided.

The committee meets a minimum of once a quarter at either the Manor Road playing fields or at the Town Council office.

The committee members are Councillors Kevin Worsley, Georgina Race, Diane Woodham, Judith Baker, Ian Mortimer, Mark Gladding, Matt Pochin, Mark Bambridge, Kelly Lunness

The committee meeting is open to the public and the Town Council welcomes input from Parishioners regarding the condition of the existing facilities and any ideas for new facilities.

The dates of meetings in 2020 are:

6th October - Agenda / Minutes

1st July - Agenda / Draft Minutes

3rd February - Agenda / DRAFT Minutes

The date of meetings in 2019 are:

24 June -  Agenda | Minutes

23 May - Agenda | Minutes

5th March - Agenda | Minutes

The date of meetings in 2018 are:

22nd March - Agenda | Minutes

24th May - Agenda | Minutes

26th July - Agenda | Minutes

20th September - Agenda | Minutes

1st November Agenda | Minutes Cancelled

19th November - Agenda | Minutes

Meetings in 2017

5th October - Minutes

2nd May - Minutes

Long Stratton Council | Mrs Becky Buck (Town Clerk) - 01508 530524 | Clerk@longstrattoncouncil.info


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