Finance and Policy Management Committee

The role of the Finance and Policy Management committee is regularly review the way the Council manage their finances. The committee meets at least quarterly in the Parish Council Office.


The way public money is spent is heavily regulated by the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2016 and it is the role of the Responsible Financial Officer (Becky Buck) to ensure that the Council complies. See the Council's Financial Regulations policy.

Meetings in 2021

22nd February - Agenda / Draft Minutes

Meetings in 2020

30th November - Agenda / Minutes

26th October - Agenda / Draft Minutes

5th October - Agenda / Minutes

24th August - Agenda / Draft Minutes / Budget control report

Meetings in 2019

29th July - Minutes

28th January - Agenda | Minutes

Meetings in 2018

30th January Agenda |DRAFT minutes

27th March - Agenda | Minutes

26th June - Agenda | Minutes

25th September - Agenda | Minutes

26th November - Agenda | Minutes

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