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Youth Worker for Long Stratton

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Hello Long Stratton, I’m Anastasia and I just wanted to introduce myself and my new role as the Youth and Community Development Worker for Long Stratton. 


Some of you may recognise me as I live and shop locally and have worked with MTM Youth Services, who deliver youth projects and services to young people within (and beyond) South Norfolk, since 2019, and who are hosting this role on behalf of Long Stratton Town Council.


The role of the Youth & Community Worker for Long Stratton is to work with local partners, and especially young people themselves, to develop a range of activities and/or services to promote young people’s social, emotional and physical development, including a safe space to talk and feel heard.  We aim to offer, as a minimum, regular open access sessions for both juniors and seniors (exact age ranges to be confirmed) and additional sessions targeted at areas of specific local need, involving young people as much as possible in identifying, designing and delivery of the provision. 


We are also hoping to support young people to get more involved in the work of the town council, and having a say in the development of your community spaces and places.


Come along to chat with Anastasia and others about what YOU want in Long Stratton on Thursday 22nd February from 12.30pm until 3.30pm at The Long Stratton Town Council Pavilion.

This event is mostly aimed at young people, but anyone interested in volunteering or finding out more are welcome to attend, too!

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