Events Committee

The events committee is a new committee that has been set up for 2018 to look at how the Parish Council can enhance community engagement and spirit and provide excellent events to Long Stratton.

The Committee members are Councillors, Lucy Davey, Paul Worley, James McCrea, Caroline Francis.

The Committee will meet at least quarterly and will look at events such as Remembrance Day and Long Stratton at Christmas plus many more ideas that come forward from the Parish Council and you!

The meetings will be held in the Parish Council office and are open to the public at 7pm

Many of the events will be supported through, if you would like to support your community or would like.

Events committee meeting dates in 2020 are:

24th February - Agenda / Minutes

27th January - Agenda / Draft Minutes

Events committee meeting dates in 2019 are:

1st April - Agenda | Minutes

4th March - Agenda | Minutes

4th February - Agenda / Minutes

Events committee meeting dates in 2018 are:

26th FebruaryAgenda / Minutes

13th March - Agenda / Minutes - MEETING CANCELLED

12th April - Agenda | Minutes

1st May - Agenda | Minutes

28th August - Agenda | Minutes

2nd October - Agenda | Minutes

14th November - Agenda | Minutes

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