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Long Stratton Town Councils News

New Play equipment

The new play equipment installation is coming on amazingly! 


Premier Playgrounds are hard at work on the Manor Road playing fields in the play area and also next to the Pavilion where a zip wire and trim trail are going to be.


We will keep you updated on the progress but are currently estimating another two weeks (as from 24th May).


We appreciate your patience.  It's going to be a fantastic summer on the playing fields soon!  

UPDATE 5th June 2023 - Thank you for your patience whilst waiting for the park refurbishment. We are hoping to open later this week. Sadly this may have to be delayed as despite the area being fenced off whilst the surfacing was drying, youths decided to jump the fence and kicked areas of wet pour. Not only has this delayed the opening of the play area but will cost another £2000 to get the surfacing fixed. As soon as it is ready to be opened I will let you all know. CCTV covers the play area and the images have been passed to the police.

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