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Long Stratton Town Councils News

Norfolk County Council

Archaeological and trial hole works planned this summer in Long Stratton, as part of the bypass scheme

The archaeological works are planned for a start date of 1st August 2022, running through until 4th November 2022.  This time period includes contingency time, to allow for any unforeseen circumstances, and fallow periods for each area to allow the affected land to settle once the soil has been reinstated. 


The archaeological works are being conducted in five key areas, four of which are on the eastern side of Long Stratton, with the fifth area located to the north of Long Stratton, on the western side of the existing A140 Norwich Road. All archaeological works will be conducted off the highway.


Delays will be kept to a minimum, with arrangements currently being finalised between the archaeological contractor and the land owners.


Trial hole works are also being planned in the same period, beginning on 1st August, running through until 16th September 2022.  There are 14 trial holes in total, to identify existing utilities and land drains in the area. There will be a road closure required on Parkers Lane in Long Stratton, for one particular trial hole. This closure will be between the 1st and 2nd September 2022. 

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