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Long Stratton Pavilion

2021 Update - The Long Stratton Pavilion building work is finished.  Please contact the Clerk, Becky Buck, for enquiries about bookings of our spacious club room for your events!  We look forward to seeing you!


In 2014 the Parish Council undertook a questionnaire to find out what the Parishioners of Long Stratton would like to see in the local Community. There was an overwhelming response of a new Pavilion to replace the structure that is currently there. Long Stratton Parish Council took this information away and resolved a new Council Committee to focus purely on a project to replace the Pavilion. The new Committee consists of Councillors Kevin Worsley (Chair), Steve Adcock, Georgina Race and Diane Woodham.

The Committee met with several architects before contracting A Squared architects who they have since been working with to provide a modern, energy efficient building for the Parishioners of Long Stratton to use.

Planning permission was granted in early 2017 with the condition that the new building had to be on the same 'footprint' as the existing pavilion and sheds/ garages and the pavilion had to be used for the same purpose that it is currently, sports.

The Committee spent a lot of time liaising with the FA and the current users of the Pavilion to ensure the building would be fit for purpose for the years to come and a building Long Stratton can be proud of.

We are currently undergoing site surveys which determines the condition of the land and will set the parameters of the build. i.e how much asbestos there is in the existing pavilion and how this will impact on the cost of demolishing and the contractors that have the relevant insurance and expertise to demolish.

As the condition of pavilion is poor the Parish Council is looking to have it demolished imminently ready for the pavilion build to commence no later than Summer 2018.

29 January 2019

UPDATE: As those of you that use the playing fields regularly, you will see that the old pavilion has been demolished, this was completed August 2018. The Council have been working tirelessly with the Architect, Quantity Surveyor and Grant awarding bodies to get the new pavilion under way and i am pleased to confirm that Omnis Construction Ltd won the contract to build the pavilion and we have a provisional start date of 19th March 2019. During the build the car park will be out of bounds, it is hoped that the new community pavilion will be open January 2020.

The pavilion will cost in the region of £588,000. This cost will be met through funding; £299,000 has been sought from Football Foundation and South Norfolk District Council. Long Stratton Council has saved £150,000 and the remaining sum will be borrowed on an interest only basis from the Public Works Loan Board which offers local government bodies low interest loans. The Capital will be repaid from Community Infrastructure Levy that will be received as a result of the 1800+ homes that will be delivered in the next 5-15 years. The interest payments will be met by income derived from the Community Pavilion and therefore there should be no need to increase the Precept to pay for the Pavilion. (For more information on the budget for 2019/20 please see finance page)  To see the Councils resolution please see the minutes from the Finance meeting held 28 January 2019. It is also intended to re-level and surface the Multi-Use Games Area to allow tennis and basket ball and other sports to be played there. This cost is anticipated to be around £60-80,000 and will also be met by the Public Works Loan Board and repaid using the income derived from the pavilion and also the Community Infrastructure Levy the Council will receive.

For more information please see the business plan.

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