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Norse Group to take over routine maintenance of Norfolk's roads

30 September 2019

The routine maintenance of Norfolk’s roads, including pothole repairs and winter gritting, will be carried out by the Norse Group from October on behalf of Norfolk County Council.

Around 150 members of staff will transfer from Norfolk County Council’s highways team to Norse, who will also be responsible for fleet services, laboratory and Fast Lane training services. This does not affect the Council’s contract for highway improvements, construction and surfacing with Tarmac.

Cllr Martin Wilby, Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure & Transport, explains: “Back in January we decided to transfer highways maintenance and 150 or so operational staff to Norse because it could eventually save the council up to £500,000 per year whilst not having any impact on the quality of service that our residents are used to.

“Norfolk County Council is still ultimately in charge of Norfolk’s roads and decisions will still be made by our highways management team, but the work will now be carried out by the Norse Group. So as far as the people of Norfolk are concerned, it’s just business as usual.”

Norse Managing Director Dean Wetteland said: “Norse is absolutely delighted to have been chosen by Norfolk County Council, after careful consideration of all the options, to provide a number of highways services from October.

“We are confident we can deliver efficiencies moving forward, whilst maintaining the high quality of service currently being provided for the public.”

The decision to transfer the service was taken by members of the Environment, Development and Transport committee in January 2019 to save Norfolk County Council £500,000 per year by the fifth year of the contract.

Members of the public wishing to report highways issues can still do so via

Norse, which is 100% owned by Norfolk County Council, provides a range of services in England and Wales including facilities management, property services and residential care homes, and expects its turnover to reach £500m within the next five years.

Central Toilets in Long Stratton.

Some time ago South Norfolk District Council made Long Stratton aware that they would be looking for Long Stratton Council to take on a lease to keep the toilets open otherwise on April 1st 2018 the toilets would be permanently closed.

Long Stratton Council met with South Norfolk District Council several times to look at the different options available. South Norfolk were offering some money to assist with cleaning materials and repairs over a 5 year period.


It was regrettably resolved at February's ordinary meeting not to take on a lease which consequently will see the toilets close.

Long Stratton's rationale regarding their decision was the following. The sum of money that South Norfolk were prepared to give was for minimal repair and materials, it was highly likely Long Stratton Council would have to use the precept in order to 'top up' what South Norfolk was offered. In addition to this public toilets have stringent legislation you have to abide by, the main one for health and safety is 2 hourly checks 7 days a week during opening times. This would mean that the Council would need to recruit a member of staff which comes at a cost, one which South Norfolk were unwilling to meet and Long Stratton were unwilling to raise the precept further to pay for.  

Norwich Western Link 

Consultation analysis update

Dear all,


I wanted to provide an update on our analysis of the Norwich Western Link options consultation, which ran between November 2018 and January 2019 and sought people’s opinions on four shortlisted route options for a new or improved road link between the A47 and the western end of Broadland Northway (formerly known as the NDR).


We’re continuing to analyse the responses we’ve received through the consultation, particularly the letter and email responses and the ‘free text’ elements of the consultation survey, so we don’t have a complete picture of the consultation responses as yet. We plan to publish the full results when we announce our preferred route, alongside all the other information which has informed our decision-making – the date is to be decided due to a change in the County Council’s constitution (which will see us move from a committee system to a cabinet system later this spring).


However, because we know there is likely to be significant interest in the consultation results, we wanted to share some of the headline facts and figures with you at this point. These are:


  • The consultation website was viewed by 3,475 people and a total of 1,245 people came to 17 consultation events staffed by members of the Norwich Western Link project team.

  • We received more than 1,900 responses in total, with 1,825 responding via the consultation survey available on the consultation website and 104 sending their responses by letter or email.

  • Initial analysis of the responses to the consultation survey suggests there is strong agreement among respondents that there is a need for a Norwich Western Link road, with Option D ranking as the most popular solution, Option C the second most popular and Option A the least popular.


As mentioned, there is still a lot of important information we need to consider which will help us identify a preferred route for the Norwich Western Link. The project team are continuing to work hard to gather and take account of all this information before any conclusions are made.


Best wishes,




Chris Fernandez, Norwich Western Link 

Infrastucture Delivery, CES department, Norfolk County Council 

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Long Stratton Council have been working with the Highways department at Norfolk County Council to address the traffic calming measure on Churchfields. I am pleased to report that Highways have removed all the overgrown foliage and have left a blank canvas for Long Stratton Council, in conjunction with the County Councillor Alison Thomas who is using part of her member grant,  to plant low maintenance shrubs and flowers.

We are in the process of researching which plants would be suitable to prevent it becoming over grown.

We are also looking for volunteers who would be happy to assist the Council in maintaining the flowers beds once they have been planted. Please contact the Clerk if you would like more information.

New Development and Bypass

Long Stratton have received the hybrid application that will see 1800 new homes and the long awaited bypass.

Long Stratton Council will facilitate a public consultation where parishioners can come and discuss the application with the Council, this will be held on March 20th at Long Stratton Village Hall at 7pm.

Parishioners will need to comment directly to South Norfolk Planning with any comments

Crimestoppers are looking to recruit volunteers in the community to Crimestoppers Co-ordinator roles. Co-ordinators provide a useful link with Crimestoppers Regional Mangers.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Crimestoppers as a Co-ordinator, or other roles please look at the following links:   and


where you will find some more details about volunteering for Crimestoppers 

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