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National Hate Crime Awareness Week

This year it is the 25th anniversary of National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2020 which will take place from 10th – 17th October 2020.


Norfolk and Suffolk Police take this type of crime very seriously and is committed to tackling it to make our communities safer.


What is ‘hate’ - Hate is when an offender is hostile towards an individual’s or group’s identity because of prejudice against their protected characteristics: • Race, ethnicity or nationality • Religion or belief (or lack of) • Disability (this may include physical, sensory, learning disability, or mental health) • Sexual orientation • Transgender identity


What are hate incidents and crimes - Hate Incidents and Hate Crimes are acts of violence or hostility directed at victims because of who they are or who someone thinks they are. A Hate Incident is when the victim or anyone else think that something has taken place that was motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person or group’s protected characteristics. When Hate Incidents become criminal offences they are known as Hate Crimes. Any criminal offence can be a Hate Crime if it was carried out because of hostility or prejudice against a person or group’s protected characteristics

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